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  • Next day the cock carried off the bread in the same fashion (as before), and the dog opened his lips at him, 3315
  • روز دیگر همچنان نان را ربود ** آن خروس و سگ برو لب بر گشود
  • Saying, “O beguiling cock, how long (will you tell) these lies? You are unrighteous and false and without lustre.
  • کای خروس عشوه‌ده چند این دروغ ** ظالمی و کاذبی و بی فروغ
  • Where is the horse that you said would die? You are (like) a blind man who tells of the stars and you are deprived of truth.”
  • اسپ کش گفتی سقط گردد کجاست ** کور اخترگوی و محرومی ز راست
  • That knowing cock said to him, “His horse died in another place.
  • گفت او را آن خروس با خبر ** که سقط شد اسپ او جای دگر
  • He sold the horse and escaped from loss: he cast the loss upon others;
  • اسپ را بفروخت و جست او از زیان ** آن زیان انداخت او بر دیگران
  • But to-morrow his mule will die: that will be good fortune for the dogs, (so say) no more.” 3320
  • لیک فردا استرش گردد سقط ** مر سگان را باشد آن نعمت فقط
  • The covetous man immediately sold the mule and at that instant obtained deliverance from grief and loss.
  • زود استر را فروشید آن حریص ** یافت از غم وز زیان آن دم محیص
  • On the third day the dog said to the cock, “O prince of liars with your drums and kettledrums!”
  • روز ثالث گفت سگ با آن خروس ** ای امیر کاذبان با طبل و کوس
  • He (the cock) said, “He sold the mule in haste, (but),” said he, “to-morrow his slave will be stricken down,
  • گفت او بفروخت استر را شتاب ** گفت فردایش غلام آید مصاب
  • And when his slave dies, the next of kin will scatter pieces of bread upon the dogs and beggars.”
  • چون غلام او بمیرد نانها ** بر سگ و خواهنده ریزند اقربا