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  • Its mother asked, “O foal, why art thou always refusing to drink this water?” 4295
  • مادرش پرسید کای کره چرا ** می‌رمی هر ساعتی زین استقا
  • The foal said, “These people are bawling: I am afraid of the occurrence of their shouts.
  • گفت کره می‌شخولند این گروه ** ز اتفاق بانگشان دارم شکوه
  • Therefore my heart is trembling and jumping: dread of the occurrence of the outcry is coming on me.”
  • پس دلم می‌لرزد از جا می‌رود ** ز اتفاق نعره خوفم می‌رسد
  • The mother said, “Ever since the world existed, there have been busybodies of this sort on the earth.”
  • گفت مادر تا جهان بودست ازین ** کارافزایان بدند اندر زمین
  • Hark, do your own business, O worthy man: soon will they tear their beards (in sorrow).
  • هین تو کار خویش کن ای ارجمند ** زود کایشان ریش خود بر می‌کنند
  • The time is restricted, and the abundant water is flowing away: (drink) ere, through being parted (from it), you fall to pieces. 4300
  • وقت تنگ و می‌رود آب فراخ ** پیش از آن کز هجر گردی شاخ شاخ
  • There is a famous conduit, full of the Water of Life: draw the Water, in order that verdure may grow up from you.
  • شهره کاریزیست پر آب حیات ** آب کش تا بر دمد از تو نبات
  • We are drinking the water of Khizr from the river of the speech of the saints: come, O heedless thirsty man!
  • آب خضر از جوی نطق اولیا ** می‌خوریم ای تشنه‌ی غافل بیا
  • If you do not see the water, artfully after the fashion of the blind bring the jug to the river, and dip it in the river.
  • گر نبینی آب کورانه بفن ** سوی جو آور سبو در جوی زن
  • Forasmuch as you have heard that there is water in this river-bed, (go and try): the blind man must practise conformity.
  • چون شنیدی کاندرین جو آب هست ** کور را تقلید باید کار بست