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  • One of the jackals went to him and said, “O so-and-so, hast thou acted deceitfully or hast thou (really) become one of those whose hearts rejoice (in God)?
  • یک شغالی پیش او شد کای فلان ** شید کردی یا شدی از خوش‌دلان
  • Thou hast acted deceitfully to the end that thou mayest jump on to the pulpit and by thy palaver give this folk (the feeling of) regret.
  • شید کردی تا به منبر بر جهی ** تا ز لاف این خلق را حسرت دهی
  • Thou hast striven much, (but) thou hast not felt any (spiritual) ardour; hence from deceit thou hast exhibited a piece of impudence.”
  • بس بکوشیدی ندیدی گرمیی ** پس ز شید آورده‌ای بی‌شرمیی
  • (Spiritual) ardour belongs to the saints and prophets; on the other hand, impudence is the refuge of every impostor; 730
  • گرمی آن اولیا و انبیاست ** باز بی‌شرمی پناه هر دغاست
  • For they draw the people's attention to themselves, saying, “We are happy (with God),” though within (at heart) they are exceedingly unhappy.
  • که التفات خلق سوی خود کشند ** که خوشیم و از درون بس ناخوشند
  • How a braggart greased his lips and moustache every morning with the skin of a fat sheep's tail and came amongst his companions, saying, “I have eaten such and such (viands).”
  • چرب کردن مرد لافی لب و سبلت خود را هر بامداد به پوست دنبه و بیرون آمدن میان حریفان کی من چنین خورده‌ام و چنان
  • A person, who (on account of his poverty) was lightly esteemed, used to grease his moustaches every morning
  • پوست دنبه یافت شخصی مستهان ** هر صباحی چرب کردی سبلتان
  • And go amongst the munificent (the rich), saying, “I have eaten some wellgreased food at the party.”
  • در میان منعمان رفتی که من ** لوت چربی خورده‌ام در انجمن
  • He would gaily put his hand on his moustache as a sign, meaning, “Look at my moustache!
  • دست بر سبلت نهادی در نوید ** رمز یعنی سوی سبلت بنگرید
  • For this is the witness to the truth of my words, and this is the token of my eating greasy and delicious food.” 735
  • کین گواه صدق گفتار منست ** وین نشان چرب و شیرین خوردنست
  • His belly would say in soundless (mute) response, “May God destroy the plots of the liars!
  • اشکمش گفتی جواب بی‌طنین ** که اباد الله کید الکاذبین