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  • He (the vizier) said, “Leave him and two hundred (other) lickers-up of hope to me, and write this (down) against me.”
  • گفت او را و دو صد اومیدلیس ** تو به من بگذار این بر من نویس
  • Then the minister threw him into (the pains of) expectation: winter and December passed and spring came.
  • پس فکندش صاحب اندر انتظار ** شد زمستان و دی و آمد بهار
  • In expectation of it (the reward) the poet grew old; then he was crushed by this anxiety and making shift to provide (the means of livelihood),
  • شاعر اندر انتظارش پیر شد ** پس زبون این غم و تدبیر شد
  • And said (to the vizier), “If there is no gold (for me), please give me abuse, so that my soul may be delivered (from expectation) (and that) I may be thy (devoted) slave.
  • گفت اگر زر نه که دشنامم دهی ** تا رهد جانم ترا باشم رهی
  • Expectation has killed me: at least bid me go, that this wretched soul may be delivered from bondage.” 1225
  • انتظارم کشت باری گو برو ** تا رهد این جان مسکین از گرو
  • After that, he (the vizier) gave him the fortieth part of that (gift): the poet remained in heavy thought,
  • بعد از آنش داد ربع عشر آن ** ماند شاعر اندر اندیشه‌ی گران
  • (Thinking), “That (former gift) was so promptly paid and was so much: this one that blossomed late was (only) a handful of thorns.”
  • کانچنان نقد و چنان بسیار بود ** این که دیر اشکفت دسته‌ی خار بود
  • Then they (the courtiers) said to him, “That generous vizier has departed from this life: may God reward thee!
  • پس بگفتندش که آن دستور راد ** رفت از دنیا خدا مزدت دهاد
  • For those gifts were always multiplied (increased in amount) by him: there was no fault to be found with the donations (then);
  • که مضاعف زو همی‌شد آن عطا ** کم همی‌افتاد بخشش را خطا
  • (But) now, he is gone and has taken beneficence away (with him): he is not dead, (but) beneficence is dead (in this world), yea, verily. 1230
  • این زمان او رفت و احسان را ببرد ** او نمرد الحق بلی احسان بمرد