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  • Crying, “Why dost thou sow and tend some seed-corn and (now) art cutting it when it has attained to perfection?”
  • که چرا کشتی کنی و پروری ** چون کمالی یافت آن را می‌بری
  • He replied, “O Lord, I destroy and lay it low because straw is here and (also) grain. 3020
  • گفت یا رب زان کنم ویران و پست ** که درینجا دانه هست و کاه هست
  • The grain is not suitable (to be stored) in the straw-barn; the straw likewise is bad (for putting) in the corn-barn.
  • دانه لایق نیست درانبار کاه ** کاه در انبار گندم هم تباه
  • ’Tis not wisdom to mix these twain: it (wisdom) makes necessary the separation (of them) in winnowing.”
  • نیست حکمت این دو را آمیختن ** فرق واجب می‌کند در بیختن
  • He (God) said, “From whom didst thou gain this knowledge, so that by means of the knowledge thou didst construct a threshing-floor?”
  • گفت این دانش تو از کی یافتی ** که به دانش بیدری بر ساختی
  • He replied, “Thou, O God, gavest me discernment.” He (God) said, “Then how should I not have discernment?”
  • گفت تمییزم تو دادی ای خدا ** گفت پس تمییز چون نبود مرا
  • Amongst the created beings are pure spirits; there are (also) spirits dark and muddy. 3025
  • در خلایق روحهای پاک هست ** روحهای تیره‌ی گلناک هست
  • These shells are not in one grade: in one (of them) is the pearl and in another the (worthless) bead.
  • این صدفها نیست در یک مرتبه ** در یکی درست و در دیگر شبه
  • It is necessary to make manifest (the difference between) this good and evil, just as (it is necessary) to make manifest (distinguish) the wheat from the straw.
  • واجبست اظهار این نیک و تباه ** هم‌چنانک اظهار گندمها ز کاه
  • (The creation of) these creatures of the world is for the purpose of manifestation, to the end that the treasure of (Divine) providences may not remain hidden.
  • بهر اظهارست این خلق جهان ** تا نماند گنج حکمتها نهان