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  • In that (kind of exhortation) the conceit of princedom is less (than in the other kind): the impression made by it upon the (prince’s) followers is strong.
  • اندر آن وهم امیری کم بود ** در حشم تاثیر آن محکم بود
  • Story of the beginning of the Caliphate of ‘Uthmán, may God be well-pleased with him, and his sermon expounding that the doer who exhorts by deeds is better than the speaker who exhorts by words.
  • قصه‌ی آغاز خلافت عثمان رضی الله عنه و خطبه‌ی وی در بیان آنک ناصح فعال به فعل به از ناصح قوال به قول
  • The story (told) of ‘Uthmán is that he mounted the pulpit: when he obtained the Caliphate, he made hot haste (to mount it).
  • قصه‌ی عثمان که بر منبر برفت ** چون خلافت یافت بشتابید تفت
  • (’Twas) the pulpit of the Chief (Mohammed), which had three steps: Abú Bakr went and seated himself on the second step.
  • منبر مهتر که سه‌پایه بدست ** رفت بوبکر و دوم پایه نشست
  • ‘Umar, in his reign, (sat) on the third step in order to show reverence for Islam and the (true) Religion.
  • بر سوم پایه عمر در دور خویش ** از برای حرمت اسلام و کیش
  • (When) the reign of ‘Uthmán arrived, he, that man of praised (blessed) fortune, went up on to the top of the throne (pulpit) and seated himself. 490
  • دور عثمان آمد او بالای تخت ** بر شد و بنشست آن محمودبخت
  • Then a person given to idle meddling questioned him, saying, “Those two did not sit in the Prophet's place:
  • پس سالش کرد شخصی بوالفضول ** که آن دو ننشستند بر جای رسول
  • How, then, hast thou sought to be higher than they, when thou art inferior to them in rank?”
  • پس تو چون جستی ازیشان برتری ** چون برتبت تو ازیشان کمتری
  • He replied, “If I tread on the third step, it will be imagined that I resemble ‘Umar;
  • گفت اگر پایه‌ی سوم را بسپرم ** وهم آید که مثال عمرم
  • (And if) I seek a seat on the second step, thou wilt say, ‘’Tis (the seat of) Abú Bakr, and (therefore) this one too is like him.’
  • بر دوم پایه شوم من جای‌جو ** گویی بوبکرست و این هم مثل او
  • This top (of the pulpit) is the place of Mustafá (Mohammed): no one will imagine that I am like that (spiritual) King.” 495
  • هست این بالا مقام مصطفی ** وهم مثلی نیست با آن شه مرا