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  • When she parted Mustafá from (her) milk, she took him up on the palm of her hand as (tenderly as though he were) sweet basil and roses,
  • مصطفی را چون ز شیر او باز کرد ** بر کفش برداشت چون ریحان و ورد
  • Causing him to avoid every good or evil (hap), that she might commit that (spiritual) emperor to (the care of) his grandsire.
  • می‌گریزانیدش از هر نیک و بد ** تا سپارد آن شهنشه را به جد
  • Since she was bringing the (precious) trust in fear (for its safety), she went to the Ka‘ba and came into the Hatím.
  • چون همی آورد امانت را ز بیم ** شد به کعبه و آمد او اندر حطیم
  • From the air she heard a cry—“O Hatím, an exceedingly mighty Sun hath shone upon thee.
  • از هوا بشنید بانگی کای حطیم ** تافت بر تو آفتابی بس عظیم
  • O Hatím, to-day there will suddenly come upon thee a hundred thousand beams from the Sun of munificence. 920
  • ای حطیم امروز آید بر تو زود ** صد هزاران نور از خورشید جود
  • O Hatím, to-day there will march into thee with pomp a glorious King, whose harbinger is Fortune.
  • ای حطیم امروز آرد در تو رخت ** محتشم شاهی که پیک اوست بخت
  • O Hatím, to-day without doubt thou wilt become anew the abode of exalted spirits.
  • ای حطیم امروز بی‌شک از نوی ** منزل جانهای بالایی شوی
  • The spirits of the holy will come to thee from every quarter in troops and multitudes, drunken with desire.”
  • جان پاکان طلب طلب و جوق جوق ** آیدت از هر نواحی مست شوق
  • Halíma was bewildered by that voice: neither in front nor behind was any one (to be seen).
  • گشت حیران آن حلیمه زان صدا ** نه کسی در پیش نه سوی قفا
  • (All) the six directions were empty of (any visible) form, and this cry was continuous—may the soul be a ransom for that cry! 925
  • شش جهت خالی ز صورت وین ندا ** شد پیاپی آن ندا را جان فدا