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  • She laid Mustafá on the earth, that she might search after the sweet sound.
  • مصطفی را بر زمین بنهاد او ** تا کند آن بانگ خوش را جست و جو
  • Then she cast her eye to and fro, saying, “Where is that king that tells of mysteries?
  • چشم می‌انداخت آن دم سو به سو ** که کجا است این شه اسرارگو
  • For such a loud sound is arriving from left and right. O Lord, where is he that causes it to arrive?”
  • کین چنین بانگ بلند از چپ و راست ** می‌رسد یا رب رساننده کجاست
  • When she did not see (any one), she became distraught and despairing: her body began to tremble like the willow-bough.
  • چون ندید او خیره و نومید شد ** جسم لرزان هم‌چو شاخ بید شد
  • She came back towards that righteous child: she did not see Mustafá in his (former) place. 930
  • باز آمد سوی آن طفل رشید ** مصطفی را بر مکان خود ندید
  • Bewilderment on bewilderment fell upon her heart: from grief her abode became very dark.
  • حیرت اندر حیرت آمد بر دلش ** گشت بس تاریک از غم منزلش
  • She ran to the dwellings (hard by) and raised an outcry, saying, “Who has carried off my single pearl?”
  • سوی منزلها دوید و بانگ داشت ** که کی بر دردانه‌ام غارت گماشت
  • The Meccans said, “We have no knowledge: we knew not that a child was there.”
  • مکیان گفتند ما را علم نیست ** ما ندانستیم که آنجا کودکیست
  • She shed so many tears and made (so) much lamentation that those others began to weep because of her (grief).
  • ریخت چندان اشک و کرد او بس فغان ** که ازو گریان شدند آن دیگران
  • Beating her breast, she wept so well (mightily) that the stars were made to weep by her weeping. 935
  • سینه کوبان آن چنان بگریست خوش ** که اختران گریان شدند از گریه‌اش
  • Story of the old Arab who directed Halíma to seek help from the idols.
  • حکایت آن پیر عرب کی دلالت کرد حلیمه را به استعانت به بتان