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  • An old man with a staff approached her, saying, “Why, what hath befallen thee, O Halíma,
  • پیرمردی پیشش آمد با عصا ** کای حلیمه چه فتاد آخر ترا
  • That thou didst let such a fire (of grief) blaze (forth) from thy heart and consume these bowels (of the bystanders) with mourning?”
  • که چنین آتش ز دل افروختی ** این جگرها را ز ماتم سوختی
  • She replied, “I am Ahmad's (Mohammed's) trusted foster-mother, so I brought him (back) to hand him over to his grandsire.
  • گفت احمد را رضیعم معتمد ** پس بیاوردم که بسپارم به جد
  • When I arrived in the Hatím, voices were coming (down) and I was hearing (them) from the air.
  • چون رسیدم در حطیم آوازها ** می‌رسید و می‌شنیدم از هوا
  • When I heard from the air those melodious strains, because of that sound I laid down the infant there, 940
  • من چو آن الحان شنیدم از هوا ** طفل را بنهادم آنجا زان صدا
  • To see whose voice is (the origin of) this cry, for it is a very beautiful cry and very delightful.
  • تا ببینم این ندا آواز کیست ** که ندایی بس لطیف و بس شهیست
  • I saw no sign of any one around me: the cry was not ceasing for one moment.
  • نه از کسی دیدم بگرد خود نشان ** نه ندا می منقطع شد یک زمان
  • When I returned (to my senses) from the bewilderments of my heart, I did not see the child there (where I had left him): alas for my heart!”
  • چونک واگشتم ز حیرتهای دل ** طفل را آنجا ندیدم وای دل
  • He (the old man) said, “O daughter, do not grieve, for I will show unto thee a queen,
  • گفتش ای فرزند تو انده مدار ** که نمایم مر ترا یک شهریار
  • Who, if she wish, will tell what has happened to the child: she knows the dwelling-place of the child and his setting-out (on the way).” 945
  • که بگوید گر بخواهد حال طفل ** او بداند منزل و ترحال طفل