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  • As thou wilt, whether during a hundred years or in a moment, discharge this trust and acquit thyself (of it).
  • خواه در صد سال خواهی یک زمان  ** این امانت واگزار و وا رهان 
  • Explaining that (ritual) prayer and fasting and all (such) external things are witnesses to the inner light.
  • بیان آنک نماز و روزه و همه چیزهای برونی گواهیهاست بر نور اندرونی 
  • This (ritual) prayer and fasting and pilgrimage and holy war are the attestation of the (inward) belief.
  • این نماز و روزه و حج و جهاد  ** هم گواهی دادنست از اعتقاد 
  • The giving of alms and presents and the abandonment of envy are the attestation of one's secret thoughts.
  • این زکات و هدیه و ترک حسد  ** هم گواهی دادنست از سر خود 
  • Dishes of food and hospitality are for the purpose of declaring that “we, O noble (guests), have become in true accord with you.” 185
  • خوان و مهمانی پی اظهار راست  ** کای مهان ما با شما گشتیم راست 
  • Gifts and presents and offerings bear witness (saying implicitly), “I am pleased with thee.”
  • هدیه‌ها و ارمغان و پیش‌کش  ** شد گواه آنک هستم با تو خوش 
  • (If) any one exerts himself in (giving) money or in conjuration, what is (the meaning of) it? (He means to say), “I have a jewel within.
  • هر کسی کوشد به مالی یا فسون  ** چیست دارم گوهری در اندرون 
  • I have a jewel, namely, abstinence or generosity”: this alms-giving and fasting are witnesses in regard to both (these qualities).
  • گوهری دارم ز تقوی یا سخا  ** این زکات و روزه در هر دو گوا 
  • Fasting says (implicitly), “He has abstained from what is lawful: know (therefore) that he has no connexion with what is unlawful”;
  • روزه گوید کرد تقوی از حلال  ** در حرامش دان که نبود اتصال 
  • And his alms-giving said (implicitly), “He gives of his own property: how, then, should he steal from the religious?” 190
  • وان زکاتش گفت کو از مال خویش  ** می‌دهد پس چون بدزدد ز اهل کیش 
  • If he act as a cutpurse (from self-interest), then the two witnesses are invalidated in the court of Divine justice.
  • گر بطراری کند پس دو گواه  ** جرح شد در محکمه‌ی عدل اله