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  • Do Thou speak and do Thou hear and do Thou be! We are wholly naught notwithstanding all this hewing. 1440
  • هم بگو تو هم تو بشنو هم تو باش  ** ما همه لاشیم با چندین تراش 
  • Because of this resignation (to Thy will) do Thou increase our desire for worship (of Thee): do not send (upon us) the sloth and stagnation of necessitarianism.
  • زین حواله رغبت افزا در سجود  ** کاهلی جبر مفرست و خمود 
  • Necessitarianism is the wing and pinion of the perfect; necessitarianism is also the prison and chains of the slothful.
  • جبر باشد پر و بال کاملان  ** جبر هم زندان و بند کاهلان 
  • Know that this necessitarianism is like the water of the Nile— water to the true believer and blood to the infidel.
  • هم‌چو آب نیل دان این جبر را  ** آب ممن را و خون مر گبر را 
  • Wings carry falcons to the king; wings carry crows to the graveyard.
  • بال بازان را سوی سلطان برد  ** بال زاغان را به گورستان برد 
  • Now return to the description of non-existence, for it (non-existence) is like bezoar, though you think it is poison. 1445
  • باز گرد اکنون تو در شرح عدم  ** که چو پازهرست و پنداریش سم 
  • Hark, O fellow-servant, go and, like the Hindú boy, be not afraid of the Mahmúd of non-existence.
  • هم‌چو هندوبچه هین ای خواجه‌تاش  ** رو ز محمود عدم ترسان مباش 
  • Be afraid of the existence in which you are now: that phantasy of yours is nothing and you (yourself) are nothing.
  • از وجودی ترس که اکنون در ویی  ** آن خیالت لاشی و تو لا شیی 
  • One nothing has fallen in love with another nothing: a mere nothing has waylaid (captivated) a mere nothing.
  • لاشیی بر لاشیی عاشق شدست  ** هیچ نی مر هیچ نی را ره زدست 
  • When these phantasies have departed from before you, that which your understanding hath not conceived becomes clear to you.
  • چون برون شد این خیالات از میان  ** گشت نامعقول تو بر تو عیان 
  • Those who have passed away do not grieve on account of death; their only regret is to have missed the opportunities (of life).
  • لیس للماضین هم الموت انما لهم حسره الموت