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  • Or (do both) in turns, now silence, now speech: (in the company of the uninitiated) beat the drum like him that sees double, and peace (be with you)!
  • یا به نوبت گه سکوت و گه کلام  ** احولانه طبل می‌زن والسلام 
  • When you see a confidant, declare the mystery of the Spirit: (if) you see the rose, sing loud like nightingales.
  • چون ببینی محرمی گو سر جان  ** گل ببینی نعره زن چون بلبلان 
  • (But) when you see (one who resembles) a water-skin full of deceit and falsehood, shut your lips and make yourself like a (dry-lipped) jar;
  • چون ببینی مشک پر مکر و مجاز  ** لب ببند و خویشتن را خنب ساز 
  • (For) he is an enemy to the water (of spiritual life): in his presence do not move (your lips), else the stone of his ignorance breaks the jar.
  • دشمن آبست پیش او مجنب  ** ورنه سنگ جهل او بشکست خنب 
  • Patiently endure the punishments inflicted by the ignorant man: give him fair words and dissemble (towards him) with the reason that is divinely inspired. 2040
  • با سیاستهای جاهل صبر کن  ** خوش مدارا کن به عقل من لدن 
  • Patience (shown) to the unworthy is the means of polishing (purifying) the worthy: wherever a heart exists, patience purifies it.
  • صبر با نااهل اهلان را جلاست  ** صبر صافی می‌کند هر جا دلیست 
  • The fire of Nimrod was the means of making pure (resplendent) the (inward) mirror of Abraham in (the process of) polishing.
  • آتش نمرود ابراهیم را  ** صفوت آیینه آمد در جلا 
  • The iniquitous unbelief of Noah's people and the patience of Noah were instrumental in polishing the mirror of Noah's spirit.
  • جور کفر نوحیان و صبر نوح  ** نوح را شد صیقل مرآت روح 
  • Story of the disciple of Shaykh (Abú) Hasan Kharraqání, may God sanctify his spirit!
  • حکایت مرید شیخ حسن خرقانی قدس الله سره 
  • A dervish went from the town of Tálaqán because of the fame of Abu ’l- Husayn of Kháraqán.
  • رفت درویشی ز شهر طالقان  ** بهر صیت بوالحسین خارقان 
  • He traversed the mountains and the long valley with sincerity and fervent supplication (in order) to visit the Shaykh. 2045
  • کوهها ببرید و وادی دراز  ** بهر دید شیخ با صدق و نیاز