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  • Nay, you must fix your heart on that which is quarterless (illimitable); the ill-luck in this quarter is (only) the reflexion of the ill-luck in the realm where no quarters exist. 3160
  • بلک باید دل سوی بی‌سوی بست  ** نحس این سو عکس نحس بی‌سو است 
  • Know that (all) gifts are the gift of God and are His bounty: ’tis the reflexion of those gifts that appears in (the world of) the five (senses) and the six (directions).
  • داد داد حق شناس و بخششش  ** عکس آن دادست اندر پنج و شش 
  • Though the gifts of the base (worldlings) be more (in number) than the sands, (yet) you will die and they will be left behind as an inheritance.
  • گر بود داد خسان افزون ز ریگ  ** تو بمیری وآن بماند مردریگ 
  • After all, how long does a reflexion remain in view? Make a practice of contemplating the origin (of the reflexion), O you who look awry.
  • عکس آخر چند پاید در نظر  ** اصل بینی پیشه کن ای کژنگر 
  • When God bestows bounty on those who supplicate Him in their need, together with His gift He bestows on them a long life.
  • حق چو بخشش کرد بر اهل نیاز  ** با عطا بخشیدشان عمر دراز 
  • (Both) the benefit and the beneficiary are made enduring for ever. ’Tis He that brings the dead to life, so repair unto Him. 3165
  • خالدین شد نعمت و منعم علیه  ** محیی الموتاست فاجتازوا الیه 
  • The gifts of God are mingled with you like the spirit, in such wise that you are they and they are you.
  • داد حق با تو در آمیزد چو جان  ** آنچنان که آن تو باشی و تو آن 
  • If you have no more appetite for bread and water, He will give you goodly nourishment without these twain.
  • گر نماند اشتهای نان و آب  ** بدهدت بی این دو قوت مستطاب 
  • If your fatness is gone, God will give you from yonder a (spiritual) fatness concealed in (bodily) leanness.
  • فربهی گر رفت حق در لاغری  ** فربهی پنهانت بخشد آن سری 
  • Since He gives the peri nourishment from scent and gives every angel nourishment from spirit,
  • چون پری را قوت از بو می‌دهد  ** هر ملک را قوت جان او می‌دهد