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  • He recited the Fátiha and uttered many a lá hawl, (but) the Fátiha (only) increased the passion in his breast,
  • فاتحه خواند و بسی لا حول کرد  ** فاتحه‌ش در سینه می‌افزود درد 
  • Because the Fátiha itself was drawing him on: the Fátiha is unique in drawing on (good) and averting (evil). 3355
  • زانک او را فاتحه خود می‌کشید  ** فاتحه در جر و دفع آمد وحید 
  • If (aught) other (than God) appear (to you), ’tis (the effect of) His illusion; and if (all) other (than God) vanish from sight, ’tis (the effect of) His awakening (you to the reality).
  • گر نماید غیر هم تمویه اوست  ** ور رود غیر از نظر تنبیه اوست 
  • Then it became certain to him (the king) that the attraction was from Yonder: the action of God is producing marvels at every moment.
  • پس یقین گشتش که جذبه زان سریست  ** کار حق هر لحظه نادر آوریست 
  • Because of the (Divine) probation a stone horse (or) a stone cow becomes, through God's deception, an object of worship.
  • اسپ سنگین گاو سنگین ز ابتلا  ** می‌شود مسجود از مکر خدا 
  • In the eyes of the infidel (idolater) the idol has no second (is without parallel), (though) the idol has neither glory nor spirituality.
  • پیش کافر نیست بت را ثانیی  ** نیست بت را فر و نه روحانیی 
  • What is the attracting power, hidden in the hidden most, that shines forth in this world from (its source in) the other world? 3360
  • چست آن جاذب نهان اندر نهان  ** در جهان تابیده از دیگر جهان 
  • The intellect is barred, and the spirit also, from (access to) this ambush; I cannot see it: see it (if) you can!
  • عقل محجوبست و جان هم زین کمین  ** من نمی‌بینم تو می‌توانی ببین 
  • When the Khwárizmsháh returned from his ride, he conferred with the nobles of his kingdom.
  • چونک خوارمشه ز سیران باز گشت  ** با خواص ملک خود هم‌راز گشت 
  • Then he immediately ordered the officers to fetch the horse from that (Amír's) household.
  • پس به سرهنگان بفرمود آن زمان  ** تا بیارند اسپ را زان خاندان