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  • Or else, (if) the message that is (brought) from the place (of truth) were to descend upon the moon, it (the moon) would be split asunder.
  • ورنه آن پیغام کز موضع بود  ** بر زند بر مه شکافیده شود 
  • The moon would be split, but not the heart of him who is veiled; for he is rejected (by God), he is not beloved.
  • مه شکافد وان دل محجوب نی  ** زانک مردودست او محبوب نی 
  • The night-patrol's eye became (like) a fountain with wetting tears, not from the dry words, nay, but from the fragrance (of truth) in the heart. 4280
  • چشمه شد چشم عسس ز اشک مبل  ** نی ز گفت خشک بل از بوی دل 
  • One word comes to the lips from Hell, one word (comes) into the region of the lips from the Spiritual City.
  • یک سخن از دوزخ آید سوی لب  ** یک سخن از شهر جان در کوی لب 
  • There is the spirit-increasing sea and the distressful sea: these lips are where the two seas meet (but do not mingle).
  • بحر جان‌افزا و بحر پر حرج  ** در میان هر دو بحر این لب مرج 
  • (’Tis) like a great mart (situated) between towns: thither come goods from all directions:
  • چون یپنلو در میان شهرها  ** از نواحی آید آن‌جا بهرها 
  • Damaged, spurious, and swindling commodities (and also) lucrative commodities highly esteemed, like pearls.
  • کاله‌ی معیوب قلب کیسه‌بر  ** کاله‌ی پر سود مستشرف چو در 
  • The shrewdest traders in this mart (carefully) inspect the genuine and spurious wares. 4285
  • زین یپنلو هر که بازرگان‌ترست  ** بر سره و بر قلب‌ها دیده‌ورست 
  • To him (such an one) the mart is a place of gain, while to others in their blindness it is a place of loss.
  • شد یپنلو مر ورا دار الرباح  ** وآن گر را از عمی دار الجناح 
  • Every particle of the world, one by one, is a fetter for the fool and a means of deliverance for the wise.
  • هر یکی ز اجزای عالم یک به یک  ** بر غبی بندست و بر استاد فک