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  • فاعل چه کو چنان مقهور شد ** فاعلیها جمله از وی دور شد 3685
  • What (power of) action (remains in him), since he has been so overpowered and all the qualities of an agent have been removed from him?
  • قصه وکیل صدر جهان کی متهم شد و از بخارا گریخت از بیم جان باز عشقش کشید رو کشان کی کار جان سهل باشد عاشقان را
  • Story of the Sadr-i Jahán's Wakíl (minister), who fell under suspicion and fled from Bukhárá in fear of his life; then love drew him back irresistibly, for the matter of life is of small account to lovers.
  • در بخارا بنده‌ی صدر جهان ** متهم شد گشت از صدرش نهان
  • In Bukhárá the servant of the Sadr-i Jahán incurred suspicion and hid from his Sadr (prince).
  • مدت ده سال سرگردان بگشت ** گه خراسان گه کهستان گاه دشت
  • During ten years he roamed distractedly, now in Khurásán, now in the mountain-land, now in the desert.
  • از پس ده سال او از اشتیاق ** گشت بی‌طاقت ز ایام فراق
  • After ten years, through longing he became unable to endure the days of separation (from his beloved).
  • گفت تاب فرقتم زین پس نماند ** صبر کی داند خلاعت را نشاند
  • He said, “Henceforth I cannot bear to be parted (from him) any more: how can patience allay (the lover's) state of abandonment?”
  • از فراق این خاکها شوره بود ** آب زرد و گنده و تیره شود 3690
  • From separation these soils are nitrous (barren), and water becomes yellow and stinking and dark;
  • باد جان‌افزا وخم گردد وبا ** آتشی خاکستری گردد هبا
  • The life-increasing wind (air) becomes unhealthy and pestilential; a fire turns to ashes and dust.
  • باغ چون جنت شود دار المرض ** زرد و ریزان برگ او اندر حرض
  • The orchard which resembled Paradise becomes the abode of disease, (with) its leaves yellow and dropping in decay.
  • عقل دراک از فراق دوستان ** همچو تیرانداز اشکسته کمان
  • The penetrating intellect, through separation from its friends, (becomes) like an archer whose bow is broken.
  • دوزخ از فرقت چنان سوزان شدست ** پیر از فرقت چنان لرزان شدست
  • From separation Hell has become so burning; from separation the old man has become so trembling.