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  • He (the owner of the cow) came angrily and seized his collar; having lost patience, he struck him in the face with his fist several times.
  • او ز خشم آمد گریبانش گرفت ** چند مشتی زد به رویش ناشکفت
  • How both the adversaries went to David, on whom be peace.
  • رفتن هر دو خصم نزد داود علیه السلام
  • He led him to the Prophet David, saying, “Come, O you crazy fool and criminal! 2315
  • می‌کشیدش تا به داود نبی ** که بیا ای ظالم گیج غبی
  • Drop (this) silly argument, O impostor; let (some) intelligence into your body and come to your senses!
  • حجت بارد رها کن ای دغا ** عقل در تن آور و با خویش آ
  • What is this that you are saying? What is the prayer (you speak of)? Do not laugh at my head and beard and your own (too), O scoundrel!”
  • این چه می‌گویی دعا چه بود مخند ** بر سر و و ریش من و خویش ای لوند
  • He (the poor man) said, “I have offered (many) prayers to God, I have borne much toil and pain in this supplication.
  • گفت من با حق دعاها کرده‌ام ** اندرین لابه بسی خون خورده‌ام
  • I possess the certainty (that) the prayer has been answered. Dash your head against the stones, O foul-spoken one!”
  • من یقین دارم دعا شد مستجاب ** سر بزن بر سنگ ای منکرخطاب
  • He cried, “Hey, gather round, O Moslems! Behold the drivel and raving of this imbecile! 2320
  • گفت گرد آیید هین یا مسلمین ** ژاژ بینید و فشار این مهین
  • O Moslems, for God’s sake, how should prayer make my property belong to him?
  • ای مسلمانان دعا مال مرا ** چون از آن او کند بهر خدا
  • If it were so, by means of a single prayer of this kind the whole world would carry off (one another’s) possessions by force.
  • گر چنین بودی همه عالم بدین ** یک دعا املاک بردندی بکین
  • If it were so, the blind beggars would have become grandees and princes;
  • گر چنین بودی گدایان ضریر ** محتشم گشته بدندی و امیر