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  • If you wish the owner of the cows to be abased, goad him in that direction as (you would goad) asses, O contumacious man!
  • گر تو صاحب گاو را خواهی زبون ** چون خران سیخش کن آن سو ای حرون
  • When he approaches him (the saint) who is nigh unto God, his tongue, a hundred ells long, is shortened. 2550
  • چون به نزدیک ولی الله شود ** آن زبان صد گزش کوته شود
  • (He hath) a hundred tongues, and each tongue of him (hath) a hundred languages: his fraud and guile come not into (the bounds of) description.
  • صد زبان و هر زبانش صد لغت ** زرق و دستانش نیاید در صفت
  • The claimant for the cow, the fleshly soul, is eloquent and brings forward hundreds of thousands of unsound pleas.
  • مدعی گاو نفس آمد فصیح ** صد هزاران حجت آرد ناصحیح
  • He deceives (all in) the city except the king: he cannot waylay the sagacious king.
  • شهر را بفریبد الا شاه را ** ره نتاند زد شه آگاه را
  • The fleshly soul hath glorification of God (on its tongue), and the Qur’án in its right hand; (but) in its sleeve (it hath) dagger and sword.
  • نفس را تسبیح و مصحف در یمین ** خنجر و شمشیر اندر آستین
  • Do not believe its Qur’án and hypocritical ostentation, do not make yourself its confidant and comrade; 2555
  • مصحف و سالوس او باور مکن ** خویش با او هم‌سر و هم‌سر مکن
  • (For) it will take you to the tank to perform the ritual ablution, and will cast you to the bottom thereof.
  • سوی حوضت آورد بهر وضو ** واندر اندازد ترا در قعر او
  • The intellect is luminous and a seeker of good: how (then) does the dark fleshly soul prevail over it?
  • عقل نورانی و نیکو طالبست ** نفس ظلمانی برو چون غالبست
  • (It prevails) because it is at home, (while) your intellect is a stranger: the dog at his own door is (like) a terrible lion.
  • زانک او در خانه عقل تو غریب ** بر در خود سگ بود شیر مهیب