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  • Wait till the lions go (back) to the jungle and these blind dogs’ will believe (in them) there.
  • باش تا شیران سوی بیشه روند ** وین سگان کور آنجا بگروند
  • The common folk of the city do not know the deceit of the fleshly soul and of the body: it (the fleshly soul) is not subdued save by (Divine) inspiration in the heart. 2560
  • مکر نفس و تن نداند عام شهر ** او نگردد جز بوحی القلب قهر
  • Every one that is its congener becomes its friend, except, to be sure, the David who is your Shaykh;
  • هر که جنس اوست یار او شود ** جز مگر داود کان شیخت بود
  • For he has been transmuted, and whomsoever God hath seated in the abode of the heart, he( that person) is no more the body’s congener.
  • کو مبدل گشت و جنس تن نماند ** هر که را حق در مقام دل نشاند
  • All the (other) people are (rendered) infirm by (that which lies in) ambush (within them): ‘tis certain that infirmity associates with infirmity.
  • خلق جمله علتی‌اند از کمین ** یار علت می‌شود علت یقین
  • Every worthless fellow pretends to be (a) David; every one who lacks discernment lays hold of him (attaches himself to him):
  • هر خسی دعوی داودی کند ** هر که بی تمییز کف در وی زند
  • He hears the bird’s note from a fowler and, (like a) foolish bird, he keeps going in that direction. 2565
  • از صیادی بشنود آواز طیر ** مرغ ابله می‌کند آن سوی سیر
  • ‘He dos not distinguish fact from fiction: he is misguided. Come, flee from him, even if he is spiritual (in appearance).
  • نقد را از نقل نشناسد غویست ** هین ازو بگریز اگر چه معنویست
  • What has grown (genuinely) and what has been tied on (artificially) is (all) one to him: though he may claim (to possess) intuitive certainty, he is (really) in a (great) doubt.
  • رسته و بر بسته پیش او یکیست ** گر یقین دعوی کند او در شکیست
  • If such a one is absolutely keen-witted, (still), when he has not this (power of) discernment, he is a fool.
  • این چنین کس گر ذکی مطلقست ** چونش این تمییز نبود احمقست