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  • Hark, flee from him as the deer from the lion: do not hasten boldly towards him, O wise man!
  • هین ازو بگریز چون آهو ز شیر ** سوی او مشتاق ای دانا دلیر
  • How Jesus, on whom be peace, fled to the top of a mountain (to escape) from the fools.
  • گریختن عیسی علیه السلام فراز کوه از احمقان
  • Jesus, son of Mary, was fleeing to a mountain: you would say that a lion wished to shed his blood. 2570
  • عیسی مریم به کوهی می‌گریخت ** شیرگویی خون او می‌خواست ریخت
  • A certain man ran after him and said, “(Is it) well (with thee)? There is no one in pursuit of thee: why dost thou flee, like a bird?”
  • آن یکی در پی دوید و گفت خیر ** در پیت کس نیست چه گریزی چو طیر
  • (But) he (Jesus) still kept running with haste so (quickly) that on account of his haste he did not answer him.
  • با شتاب او آنچنان می‌تاخت جفت ** کز شتاب خود جواب او نگفت
  • He pushed on in pursuit of Jesus for the distance of one or two fields, and then invoked Jesus with the utmost earnestness,
  • یک دو میدان در پی عیسی براند ** پس بجد جد عیسی را بخواند
  • Saying, “For the sake of pleasing God, stop one moment, for I have a difficulty concerning thy flight.
  • کز پی مرضات حق یک لحظه بیست ** که مرا اندر گریزت مشکلیست
  • From whom art thou fleeing in this direction, O noble one? There is no lion pursuing thee, no enemy, and there is no fear or danger.” 2575
  • از کی این سو می‌گریزی ای کریم ** نه پیت شیر و نه خصم و خوف و بیم
  • He said, “I am fleeing from the fool. Begone! I am saving myself. Do not debar me!”
  • گفت از احمق گریزانم برو ** می‌رهانم خویش را بندم مشو
  • “Why,” said he, “art not thou the Messiah by whom the blind and the deaf are restored (to sight and hearing)?”
  • گفت آخر آن مسیحا نه توی ** که شود کور و کر از تو مستوی
  • He said, “Yea.” Said the other, “Art not thou the King in whom the spells of the Unseen World have their abode?—
  • گفت آری گفت آن شه نیستی ** که فسون غیب را ماویستی