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  • If you present the dead (prey) to him (the Qutb), it will become living: filth (when placed) in the orchard will produce (fruit). 2350
  • مرده پیش او کشی زنده شود  ** چرک در پالیز روینده شود 
  • The fox said to the lion, “I will serve thee (obediently): I will contrive expedients and rob him (the ass) of his wits.
  • گفت روبه شیر را خدمت کنم  ** حیله‌ها سازم ز عقلش بر کنم 
  • Cunning and enchantment is my business: it is my business to beguile and lead astray.”
  • حیله و افسونگری کار منست  ** کار من دستان و از ره بردنست 
  • Hastening from the mountain-top towards the river, he found that miserable emaciated ass.
  • از سر که جانب جو می‌شتافت  ** آن خر مسکین لاغر را بیافت 
  • Then he saluted him cordially and advanced: he advanced to meet that poor simpleton,
  • پس سلام گرم کرد و پیش رفت  ** پیش آن ساده دل درویش رفت 
  • And said (to him), “How are you in this arid desert (where you live) amidst stones and on sterile ground?” 2355
  • گفت چونی اندرین صحرای خشک  ** در میان سنگ لاخ و جای خشک 
  • The ass replied, “Whether I am in pain or in Iram, God has made it my portion, and I am grateful for it.
  • گفت خر گر در غمم گر در ارم  ** قسمتم حق کرد من زان شاکرم 
  • I give thanks to the Friend (God) in good and evil estate, because in (the Divine) destiny there is worse than (the present) ill.
  • شکر گویم دوست را در خیر و شر  ** زانک هست اندر قضا از بد بتر 
  • Since He is the Dispenser of portions, complaint is (an act of) infidelity. Patience is needful: patience is the key to the gift (bounteous reward).
  • چونک قسام اوست کفر آمد گله  ** صبر باید صبر مفتاح الصله 
  • All except God are enemies: He (alone) is the Friend: how is it good (seemly) to complain of a friend to an enemy?
  • غیر حق جمله عدواند اوست دوست  ** با عدو از دوست شکوت کی نکوست