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  • He is afraid that, if contentment come and his anger go, his revenge and the pleasure of (taking) it will be lost. 2585
  • ترسد ار آید رضا خشمش رود  ** انتقام و ذوق آن فایت شود 
  • False appetite makes haste to (devour) the food for fear of missing the pleasure: that is sickness indeed.
  • شهوت کاذب شتابد در طعام  ** خوف فوت ذوق هست آن خود سقام 
  • (If) the appetite be true, ’tis better to delay, in order that it (the food) may be digested without difficulty.
  • اشتها صادق بود تاخیر به  ** تا گواریده شود آن بی‌گره 
  • Wilt thou beat me for the purpose of averting a (dreaded) calamity, to the end that thou mayst see the crevice and block it up,
  • تو پی دفع بلایم می‌زنی  ** تا ببینی رخنه را بندش کنی 
  • So that the calamity will not issue from that crevice? Destiny hath many a crevice besides that one.
  • تا از آن رخنه برون ناید بلا  ** غیر آن رخنه بسی دارد قضا 
  • Violence is not the means of averting calamity: the means is beneficence and pardon and kindness. 2590
  • چاره‌ی دفع بلا نبود ستم  ** چاره احسان باشد و عفو و کرم 
  • He (the Prophet) said, ‘Alms is a means of averting calamity: cure thy diseased ones by (giving) alms, O youth.’
  • گفت الصدقه مرد للبلا  ** داو مرضاک به صدقه یا فتی 
  • ’Tis not alms-giving to burn a poor man (in the fire of anger) and to blind the eye that meditates on forbearance.”
  • صدقه نبود سوختن درویش را  ** کور کردن چشم حلم‌اندیش را 
  • The king replied, “Charity and the occasion for it are excellent (things), but (only) when you perform an act of charity in its (proper) place.
  • گفت شه نیکوست خیر و موقعش  ** لیک چون خیری کنی در موضعش 
  • (If) you put the king in the rook's place, ’tis ruin (to the game); likewise, (if you put) the horse (knight) in the king's place, ’tis the act of an ignoramus.
  • موضع رخ شه نهی ویرانیست  ** موضع شه اسپ هم نادانیست