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  • Make such a great breach that at every moment you will see theMathnawí to be only spiritual.
  • فرجه کن چندانک اندر هر نفس  ** مثنوی را معنوی بینی و بس 
  • When the wind sweeps away the straw from the (surface of) the river-water, the water displays its unicolouredness.
  • باد که را ز آب جو چون وا کند  ** آب یک‌رنگی خود پیدا کند 
  • Behold the fresh branches of coral, behold the fruits grown from the water of the spirit! 70
  • شاخهای تازه‌ی مرجان ببین  ** میوه‌های رسته ز آب جان ببین 
  • When it (the Mathnawí) is made single (and denuded) of words and sounds and breaths, it leaves all that (behind) and becomes the (spiritual) Ocean.
  • چون ز حرف و صوت و دم یکتا شود  ** آن همه بگذارد و دریا شود 
  • The speaker of the word and the hearer of the word and the words (themselves)—all three become spirit in the end.
  • حرف‌گو و حرف‌نوش و حرفها  ** هر سه جان گردند اندر انتها 
  • The bread-giver and the bread-receiver and the wholesome bread become single (denuded) of their forms and are turned into earth,
  • نان‌دهنده و نان‌ستان و نان‌پاک  ** ساده گردند از صور گردند خاک 
  • But their reality, in the three (above-mentioned) categories, is both differentiated in (these) grades and permanent.
  • لیک معنیشان بود در سه مقام  ** در مراتب هم ممیز هم مدام 
  • In appearance they have become earth, in reality they have not; if any one say that they have, say to him, “No, they have not.” 75
  • خاک شد صورت ولی معنی نشد  ** هر که گوید شد تو گویش نه نشد 
  • In the spiritual world all three are waiting (for the Divine command), sometimes fleeing from form and sometimes taking abode (in it).
  • در جهان روح هر سه منتظر  ** گه ز صورت هارب و گه مستقر 
  • (When) the (Divine) command comes—“Enter into forms”— they enter (into them); likewise at His command they become divested (of form).
  • امر آید در صور رو در رود  ** باز هم از امرش مجرد می‌شود