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  • His name amongst the people came to be Shaykh Aqta’:the calamities (which he suffered because) of his gullet made him well-known by this (name).
  • شیخ اقطع گشت نامش پیش خلق ** کرد معروفش بدین آفات حلق
  • The miraculous gifts of Shaykh Aqta’, and how he used to weave palm-leaf baskets with both hands.
  • کرامات شیخ اقطع و زنبیل بافتن او بدو دست
  • A visitor found him in his hut, (and saw) that he was weaving a basket with both hands. 1705
  • در عریش او را یکی زایر بیافت ** کو بهر دو دست می زنبیل بافت
  • He (the Shaykh) said to him, “O enemy of thine own life, who hast come putting thy head into my hut.
  • گفت او را ای عدو جان خویش ** در عریشم آمده سر کرده پیش
  • Why hast thou made such hot haste?” He replied, “From excess of love and longing.”
  • این چراکردی شتاب اندر سباق ** گفت از افراط مهر و اشتیاق
  • Then he (the Shaykh) smiled and said, “Now come in, but keep this (thing) secret, O noble sir.
  • پس تبسم کرد و گفت اکنون بیا ** لیک مخفی دار این را ای کیا
  • Till I die, do not tell this to any one, neither to a comrade nor to a beloved nor to a worthless fellow.”
  • تا نمیرم من مگو این با کسی ** نه قرینی نه حبیبی نه خسی
  • Afterwards other folk, (looking) through his window, became acquainted with his weaving. 1710
  • بعد از آن قومی دگر از روزنش ** مطلع گشتند بر بافیدنش
  • He said, “O Creator, Thou knowest the wisdom (the purpose in this). I conceal (my secret), Thou hast revealed it.”
  • گفت حکمت را تو دانی کردگار ** من کنم پنهان تو کردی آشکار
  • The Divine inspiration came to him: “There were a number of people who were beginning to disbelieve in thee in (consequence of) this affliction,
  • آمد الهامش که یکچندی بدند ** که درین غم بر تو منکر می‌شدند
  • Saying, ‘Perchance he was a hypocrite in the Way (of God), so that God made him infamous among humankind.’
  • که مگر سالوس بود او در طریق ** که خدا رسواش کرد اندر فریق